--- Zeitgeschehensreflexionen im Wirrwarr der Lebensfluten

Dienstag, 15. März 2011

Gin and Tonic

Ausgezeichneter "Grüne Wand - Mann mit Hut und Bart" Kontrast. Durch die grüne Dose "Gin and Tonic" aber in keiner Weise deplaziert, sondern "at-the-place-to-be".

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Montag, 14. März 2011

Nachbeben personifiziert.

What I would have added if I have had more time:

I know that I have not been asked, but finally, I will find my sleep now. At least that's what I thought, but according to the fact that I am writing this text at a time I usually would dream calm and peaceful, I am dreaming and guessing more than I thought I would. 
Well acutally, I know myself already good enough to include my little fragilities.

It's good to reflect about oneself, and even better to listen to one's intuition, intuition is one of the most basic qualities of a human being, and it's always right, as far as I can consider, always has a goal, even if one doesn't see it in years, sometimes.

Talking about „not trying too hard“, I might be the acutal arrogant person, because in general,
things or pieces of advice a person wants to give to another because it might be helpful are addressed to no one but the speaker himself, because everything we are looking at are mirrors that reflect things about ourselves, and if I give the advice to not try too hard, maybe it's me, who's trying too hard without arriving anywhere, and according to the fact that I don't even have any plans for after may, a thing about which I am so scared in my very inner heart, because since everybody got a plan about his future besides me, is quite a source for all that acting.
But trying to find something, "am I trying too hard"?

Anyway, I hope everything works out well and if some „colaboration“ ever might be realised, I hope it will work out well - because if not, would it be my fault? Well, probably not, because from some point, one is responsible for himself and has to manage things as good as possible.