--- Zeitgeschehensreflexionen im Wirrwarr der Lebensfluten

Dienstag, 28. Dezember 2010


one time in my life, I had to make a fan photo,
it just wasn't an option,
and when by fate these stylish people crossed my path,
I had to go for it.
when I saw them, I was trying to figure out who's soundcheck I was trying to listen too in front of the parking entrance of the Bercy Stadion in Paris...

at 2.30 pm, people were already queueing, they bring along sandwiches and it just snowed the other day,
and that's for what I adore the smaller concerts, the relaxing atmosphere.

finally, what I do not want to forget: Metronomy, they are pretty adorable, maybe even a little too nice,
and if you are wondering about what has happened to Gbenga,
well, somebody has had to shoot the photo, hadn't he?

and right now, I am wondering whether or not I should attend Brighton University, loving live and all its possibilities...

photos: me and gbenga

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  1. I LOVE METRONOMY!!!!! And this! You are a very lucky lady.